Welcome to the Crew!

Dutch and I have been on Twitch for almost two years now! We started Twitch not really understanding what we were doing. Now we have a following and have made some new friendships. We are changing everyday and we are always open to new ideas to make our channel better.

Dutch streams poker on WSOP.com, I host with him and make sure the channel isn’t too dull. 


If you have poker related questions feel free to ask in chat. If you miss the show you can contact Dutch directly from his Facebook fan page or leave a comment on one of our YouTube videos.

Watching Twitch is free. You can support the channel by subscribing or donating. When you subscribe to the channel you get an awesome looking badge and access to our specially made emoticons that you can use in other Twitch channels as well. Twitch also has free emotes available. Here are what our subscription emotes look like.

Subscribers get this badge.

Dutch Boyd’s emotes www.twitch.tv/dutchboyd 

     dutchFistbump   Giving a fist bump to the channel chat and the hosts.


      dutchCrew  What better way to represent the crew than to have a pirate ship.


      dutchFish  Beginner mistakes.


dutchTilt  When Dutch tilts or is frustrated. Often after tech issues.


dutchXO Dutch made this because I like to wear a wolf hat from time to time. 


dutchJune Our dog, June. She is very serious. 


dutchPizza Pizza money.


dutchSpew When a player over bets a pot.


dutchFTW Me wanting to go to Disneyland after Dutch wins a tournament. 


dutchGG Good game. Get back on your bike. 


dutchBitcoin We support bitcoin! 1MjJMtGpb3Gs85n1kL9sbzVP9UaUrFPvJ


dutchSlide Sliding through a hand.


dutchGater A come back. Fearless when short stacked and wins! 


dutchAnon We never forget. I like to use this emote after I ban someone. 



Emote are fun to use and can be used in another channel. Subscriptions is 4.99 a month, but if you have Amazon Prime you can sub free with Twitch Prime. Also as a new sub you get two Fustbump patches , a digital copy of Dutch’s Book, Poker Tilt and access to Past Broadcasts. We try to put our past shows on youtube so check out Dutch’s YouTube too.

We are now streaming Mondays and Tuesdays 7PM PST. I am a mod in the channel and my handle is Xomoi. www.twitch.tv/dutchboyd      

Make sure you follow the stream!