Speaking of Destiny

I spoke of “breaking up with my destiny” in an earlier post and I wanted to take the time to explain the mental disorder which happens when it come to fatalistic behaviors. In my youth I thought I had fallen in love and God had sent this person to me to be my “soul mate”.  He ended up raping me in the front seat of his 1980 Cadillac when I was 13 years old. Only recently I’ve been able to really write about it. I also found out I could have pressed charges up until I turned 30 years old. It is unfortunate I did not have the courage to tell anyone about this experience because justice was never severed for his crime. The person who preformed this acted call me two years later to apologize. He didn’t realize I was a virgin (as if that fact should have mattered). Still believing he was my destiny I choose to forgive him and I started a relationship with him. He was and is a dangerous person. Yet my faith and the faith of God lead me to believe this was my destiny. I was 18 when I finally released myself from the delusion. He had tried to contacted me using social media but I blocked him.

Let this horrible story be a lesson against believing in destiny, soul mates and fatalistic behavior. Life is what you make it and you can choose who to love.