Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

“Man has never been the same since God died. He has taken it very hard.”

– Unknown 



I love Cyanide and Happiness.

I know this will offend lots of people. I think it is hilarious. Today was Easter and my Facebook friends let me know with status update like “He has Risen!” “Hallelujah!” “Praise onto Him!” and so on. I was somewhat disappointed I didn’t have many secular friends posting. I was REALLY disappointed I had so many believers as friends. Some who are a part of my family, some long time friends and other who lurk around unnoticed. I like to think some of the lurkers are atheist. It is difficult being an atheist when most of the people you grew up with are staunch Christians. I am sure I’ve lost lots of friends due to my secular posts. Just wanted to share my disappointment on my blog and encourage everyone to question everything… even the gods.  Be kind. Be funny. Be creative.


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