Dutch is now on Patreon!









Dutch wants to make Poker Clinic videos for those who want to know more about game theory, poker play and other informative and interesting things! I really want him to make videos because he is super talented and really great at teaching. Our goal is to eventually make more awesome content, maybe create some comics or cartoons… we are open to new ideas and love positive feedback. That is where you come in. On Patreon you can help supporting with as little as one dollar. Dutch and I talked it over and we think $500 is a fair price for all the information, editing and filming of each video. Once Dutch reaches his $500 goal a video will be made and released. If by chance Dutch doesn’t hit his goal then you won’t have to pay a dime. Dutch doesn’t think people what to know more in depth poker theory… and I want you to prove him wrong!  Check it out and if you can throw some money towards it FANTASTIC,and if you can not but want to see him succeed share his Patreon with your poker friends.

The awards on Patreon are pretty sweet too! 

Dutch and I stream live every Monday and Tuesday 7PM PST on Twitch.tv/DutchBoyd