Day two… Disney’s California Adventure


They were not kidding when they named the place… California Adventure. It is just like California… just smaller? Well we decided to hop on over to check this park out and we were pleasantly surprised. After having our lunch we headed toward “California Screaming” because there was hardly a line and it looked like a real fun roller coaster. We ended up riding it twice.



I actually liked the rides a little better here at California’s Adventure, probably because I had and used a map. I felt like we did more here too. Running around Disneyland with out a map is insane… oh well lesson learned… now lets continue with California Adventure…..

I am smiling in anticipation for another lovely day with my boyfriend. He really wants to go on the “Sun Wheel” at Paradise Pier. I want to go back to Disneyland with a map lol.
The “Sun Wheel” is a large ferris wheel… you can pick a car that moves or not. We choose the one that was stationary. I hate ferris wheels… I hadn’t been on one in years. I can’t even remember the last time I was on one. I thought I could handle this one… the whole time I wanted off. Dutch kept on moving beside me but I kept on moving opposite of him. I felt we were off balance. Its silly really, I just can’t feel safe on one. I think it is because I am not really strapped into anything. The funny thing is I can ride just about anything… but I fear the Ferris wheel.

After all of the trauma I endured I needed to feel brave so we rode “California Screaming” again.  It did the trick I was back on my mission. We headed toward Grizzly Park and on to “Grizzly River Run”. THAT was a WET ride! We got soaked…


I really wish I had gotten more pictures with the Disney characters. That is the one thing I regret not doing.  My boyfriend said it best, ” We have to save some stuff for next time.” I personally believe we could have done it all… lol but he is right I was torturing him.  We took over 500 pictures and we walked a great deal. Still we managed to have some smoked turkey legs,

meet some bugs,

watched Mickey,

saw the Muppets,

Sung a song,

said good-bye…

but most importantly we laughed and smiled!